Impact Reports


I Kept Walking

I Kept Walking is a courageous story penned by artisan Kalsoom Tahira of Sialkot, Punjab upon returning from her visit to London and meeting His Royal Highness Price Charles. Kalsoom writes about how to seek joy even in the most trying times of life. Kalsoom shows us that we can change the story of our life once we confront hurt that exists within the room.


Ta’assur is exchange of impressions on the topic of gender equality and development between Maria Hayat and Mashal Khan. It is an attempt to shed our armor, lean into our vulnerabilities and rumble with how to cultivate a culture of inclusivity and diverse perspectives.

Constellation of Change

The Constellation of Change is an integrated framework of theory and practice connects eight of SDGs with relevant UN Days and peace education workshops. Each workshop is linked with one of the SDGs to develop soft skills: empathic listening, embrace the stuck, ownership, collaboration and conflict resolution.

2020 Uraan Ch. 7 Online Exhibition Impact Report 

11 Digitally Enabled Rural Artisans engage with online viewers & customers…

2019 Design Workshop In Action 

An initiative for rural female artisans to enhance their design skills and aesthetics

2019 Collective Commons, Apr – Jun. Newsletter 

Many many dots are being connected — skills, market, social classes

2019 Collective Commons, Jan – Mar. Newsletter 

With active reflection and action of our ongoing social projects, digital literacy trainings…

2018-2019 Skills For Market Linkages Impact Report 

500 Women Stitchers, 25 Business Hubs – trained in Skills For Market Linkages…

2018 Digital Literacy Curriculum In Action 

Step-by-Step process of taking,  to the grassroots the…

2018 Annual Report 

2018 has been a year of strong collaborative voice to reduce gender difference by…

2017 Home Farm Care: Livestock Report

Measuring impact of 3,038 women in Training For Home Based Livestock

DFID’s WEE Tracer Study – Oct. 2018

Tracing changes in economic conditions of Micro-Entrepreneurs…

2017 Annual Report 

An overview of Kaarvan’s integrated holistic developmental approach…

Home Farm Care – Curriculum In Action

Get to know the A to Z of Home Based Livestock Training of 3,000 women…

Case Studies Of Differently Abled Trained At Kaarvan Crafts Foundation Training Institutes

2017 Impact Evaluation Study For Skills For Jobs, Bahawalpur 

Measuring impact of the uptake of trainings — personal income, economic…

2018 Collective Commons, Midpoint Recap Jan – Jun. Newsletter 

Get to know the latest projects and collaborations that Kaarvan has been doing

2016 Crafting Livelihoods

Impact Evaluation Study For Skills For Employability

2015 Crafting Livelihoods

Impact Evaluation Study For Skills For Employability

2016 Connecting Back

A Review Of Micro-Entrepreneurship Of Pathways & Purestrings Project 2008-2012

2013-2015 Crafting Connections

A Review Of Interventions From 2013-2015