Learning, Unlocking, Accessing The Market

The lack of innovative market linkage solutions has been recognised as an important constraint on the effectiveness of vocational training programs by the Government of Punjab, DFID and PSDF. Therefore, Kaarvan is continuous trying to experiment and conceive an innovative market-linkage solution that is cost-effective, scalable and sustainable. In 2015 Kaarvan partnered with Center for Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP) in order to expand the traditional training services provision model. Opportunities to access the apparel industry through increased entrepreneurial and business trainings were provided.

400 Female Artisans

In 54 Villages Of Bahawalnagar And Bahawalpur Were Given Tools To Open Doors To Commercial Markets.

Refresher Trainings

3 days village level training sessions are conducted to refresh cutting and stitching skills of stitchers/dps

Demand Elicitation

Activity cater toolkit order as per rural demand