Driving Women's Economic Empowerment

1,650 marginalized women are economically empowered and made resilient against multidimensional poverty. 1,650 Women Members (WMs), inclusive of 150 Women Micro-Entrepreneurs (WMEs) who further share their skills and learnings with groups of 10 WMs each from their respective communities.

Out of 1,155 women 98% have Islam as their religion. 21 women belong to Hindu community in Rahimyar Khan district. 3 women with disabilities are enrolled.

Micro-entrepreneurs attained Business Management Skills, Communications Skills, Leadership Skills, and Entrepreneurship skills. Through market linkages exhibition event at Emporium Mall women micro-entrepreneurs cultivated industrial networks through buyer-seller meetings.

With inclusion of Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WCCI) and Sanatzar we observed the weaving and crisscrossing of craft networks as our rural artisan-entrepreneurs interacted with more seasoned women entrepreneurs and exchanged best practices they had acquired through experience. Kaarvan Team discerned pattern of key-learnings that artisan-entrepreneurs shared repeatedly with themselves: observed customer demand (likes and dislikes regarding the hand embroidery products, which designs sold the most, which color combination); importance of sharing business card in order to build clientele and industrial relations; invest in quality cloth helps build trust; and listen to customer’s offered price and negotiate fair price that keeps production cost in mind.

Sumaira Waqar, Artisan-Entrepreneur, Bahawalpur shares her key-learning:

“Digital literacy has revolutionized our approach to promoting products, enabling us to leverage platforms like Instagram and Facebook through paid sponsorships. We’ve mastered timing posts and editing techniques, enhancing the effectiveness of our online presence. Moreover, digital communication has bridged geographical barriers, allowing us to interact with customers nationwide. Drawing inspiration from renowned designers, we engage in dialogue and study their creations to refine our designs. While our skills have flourished, additional product development training could further enhance our capabilities and offerings.”

Moreover, the extension to trainings at academic institution such as LUMS, UMT, IAC, CCER, NCA, BNU and PIFD goes beyond conventional market linkages as they women receive an immersive 3-day session from leading field professionals on entrepreneurship, social-protection, online business, design enhancement, zero waste upcycling unused materials innovatively. Through this coalition of Generation Equality partners and multi-stakeholders, Kaarvan strives to create a truly self-sustaining market linkages event and exhibitions with various tiers where women artisan-entrepreneurs engage with local national and international markets – whether that is through expos, fashion shows or festivals.

By providing a solid foundation of connectivity with industry these women artisan-entrepreneurs are dexterous to construct their own path