I am Zeb-Un-Nisa and I live in Waniawala, a village in Gujranwala. Prior to joining Kaarvan Crafts Foundation, I had about 20 years of self-taught stitching and embroidery experience — working from home and I also used to share my knowledge with neighborhood girls. Upon learning of Kaarvan Crafts Foundation local Waniawala Training Institute, I applied to formalize my learning and further refine my embellishment technique. I entered as a Trainee and soon became a Trainer sharing my vast experience and knowledge in the particular field. Since design and clothing is my passion, it clearly reflects in my work as well. I use quality material, pay attention to detail and make sure that I make clean cuts. I enjoy work that gives others joy. I don’t hide from hard work and I don’t let bad experiences hold me back, I immerse myself in work in order to give my family and children a better future.