Zara Iqbal

I am Zara Iqbal and I live in Rakhkikerawali, a village in Gujranwala. I am a Trainer at Kaarvan’s Gujranwala Institute and also community leader for youth and local rights. In 3 years’ time, I scored multiple diplomas of arts and crafts, fashion designing and makeup. All that I am today in life, is just because of my mother – her continuous love and support. She always pushed me to the maximum in any given situation to gain confidence and come out of my shy shell. It was this experience of feeling one’s way through uncertainty and learning from life’s encounters that now I am able to interact with any hardships with tenacity and tact. My intentions and actions are guided by spirituality as I keep moving forward with a sense of perspective, meaning and purpose — entrusting fate in Allah’s hand. I wish to open up my own institute for females and share all that I have received — for me, happiness lies in the ability to give and revive care, love and support – to help each other out. We are all interconnected, we just need to understand it. We do not have to do it all alone and that is why I want to play my part in contributing towards a better tomorrow.