Tasleem Bibi

Tasleem Bibi is a resident of Basti Jaan Mohammed, Bahawalpur. Having experienced life’s slippery slope from staying within the confines of home to being hurtled outside to work thanks to poor health of her husband. Tasleem Bibi wishes to fully apply her expertise of stitching. Especially at Arkey (Tilla Work), her hands weave magic on white cloth. Its such a pure color says Tasleem Bibi. “A color I rarely get a chance to wear,” she says. Given this opportunity to work with Kaarvan Crafts Foundation, Tasleem Bibi wishes to obtain the education of her youth and also support her household by covering the medical expenses, children education and home maintenance. Her aim in life is to gift her children education. She doesn’t wish for materialism, or properties etc, she lost all interest in them as she has seen that all and now acknowledges that education is the key for everything.