Sofia Bibi

Sofia Bibi leads a life of fairness and peace in the village of Johar, Kasur. Married at the age of seventeen. She and her husband pay equal attention to each other’s needs. The couple defies conditioned gender roles as Sofia Bibi’s husband assists her in cooking vegetables curries in the kitchen, ironing clothes and washing dishes. Each child goes to school and is given space to develop their own identity. Her nineteen year old daughter just completed FA and is now applying for BSC. Sofia Bibi shares her childhood memory of enjoying the river with siblings and neighborhood kids. She and her next-door-neighbor use to rally all the community children together, pack rotis and curry and spend the entire day until sunset playing at the river close to home. Sofia Bibi says that one must enjoy every phase of life. Being female artisan and micro-entrepreneur, Sofia Bibi is excited to dwell into digital domain and play business.