Shazia Parveen

Jitni Khushi Baant Saktay Ho Baanto

I, Shazia Parveen, live in Vehari. After matriculation, I learnt the art of stitching from my mother and started stitching for my neighbors. This life is too precious to let dark thoughts devalue the family, home and community we have. With my smile and jokes I try to share my joy with my neighbors and community. Sometimes I even surprise myself, once at an exhibition a buyer who was haggling over the cost of my product. After buying the product, I guess she was impressed by my calm composure and work because she asked for my business card saying that “next time, I’m in the market I shall contact you.” I wish my father could see me today. Growing up he always fully supported me. I’m quite fortunate that my husband is equally supportive as shares the household duties. Especially, when I’m away on market or exhibition trips my husband looks after our four children. I’m looking forward to expanding my business and learning more about market linkages and digital e-commerce.