Samra Miraj

I am Samra Miraj and I am a resident of village Waniawalain Gujranwala. No one will know in one glance that I was born with polio. That is because I carry myself with courage, compassion and connection in the air. I try to lighten up the room wherever I enter. It is my comfortability of giving and receiving help with an open heart that doesn’t let my illness define me. I take my medications and treatment with a cheerful face and thus they just become another tool of self-sufficiency. I walk through life with confidence, although I rely on little support from my family, especially when it comes to walking in congested market areas. I am always grateful for the loving family that I have and the continuous support that I get from them. I am thankful to my family for filling my childhood with such profound love and care that I now celebrate each and every moment of life. My philosophy in life is “To not let your weakness, be your weakness. Instead, make it your strength”. I think happiness is self created and cultivating joy comes from within. I think I am the creator of my own happiness. I have faith in Allah and that everything that happens in our life is for a purpose and brings out a sense of perspective and appreciation of life. Everyday when I get up I promise myself that I will be a useful member of the community and will contribute towards the betterment of society. I dream of pursuing an MSC in IT degree.