Sakina Zafar

Sakina Zafar lives in Nanaksar, a village in Kasur. Sakina Baji got married at the age of twelve when her father passed away. Now, Sakina Baji has her own family of seven children who give her strength and drive to keep moving forward with hope of creating a better livelihood for the household. She shares, how she emphatically manages everything from family chores, financial accounting to market dealings. Doing every task with whole heart letting go anxiety as a lifestyle. Cultivating a peaceful environment brings Sakina Baji joy — space of where siblings respect and help each other out. Sakina Baji detests petty squabbles and is the dove of the family. She fondly remembers her father’s love of taking her to the park everyday to play on the swings. Sakina Baji wishes to share the joy of play and work towards a better future for her children.