Safia Bibi

Safia Bibi is the bird of hope living in Shareefabad Basti, Bahawalpur. In tune with the melody of life — she never stops at all — no matter how sore the storm is. Safia Bibi did not go to a school since it was very far away from her home. So, initially, she learnt stitching techniques from her mother. Safia Bibi was married at the age of 18. She has great faith in the hand of the universe that everything happens for a reason. It is such faith and strength to let go of fear and uncertainty — of what will happen next — that provided Safia Bibi inner strength to confront her husband’s early demise due to neck brakeage caused by lifting strenuous weight. Safia Bibi is working profusely to accumulate funds to get a space of her own and not to be overly dependent on her brother’s home comforts. Safia Bibi has 5 children. Her eldest daughter is in 7th grade whereas two sons, Irfan and Rizwan, are in 4th grade. Safia, along with stitching clothes, works at other people’s homes as well in order to keep the income, somewhat stable. Safia Bibi, feels happiness while stitching clothes and also in the company of her children. She envisions her children going to school and working at big offices. Safia Bibi sees the digital portal as one of the tools to realize this dream.