Saad Akbar


Saad is a meticulous researcher. A physical embodiment of data, he carefully designs monitoring mechanism for primary data collection to measure Kaarvan’s impact evolution of its social projects. Setting pragmatic indicators for project analysis. He also immerses himself with the local rural communities by providing survey conduction training to regional coordinators and making sure that Kaarvan is receiving reliable data. For creating comparative an analytical reports based on quantitative data Saad partners and communicates with external stakeholders.

He has ample work experience in strategic planning and monitoring in the social sector having worked internationally and locally for Landmarks Community Capital Corporation (Pittsburgh, USA), summer internship with UNDP’s Social and Environmental Standard (New York, USA) and The Pakistan Business Council (Karachi). Saad holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from LUMS and master’s degree in Public Policy and Data Analysis from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA).

Like revolving top Saad shifts between criticality and humbleness. He gets things done with great patience and kindness.