Rashida Bibi

I am Rashida Bibi and I am a resident of Goth Lal near Bahawalpur. I don’t let the fact that I have no formal education get in my way of a dignified life. I try to cultivate worthiness by practicing courage, compassion and connection. I have learnt the art of stitching and designing clothes from my mother. My hand weaves every sort of stitch imaginable — kacha tanka, pakka tanka, but my favorite is Arc work. I have been working wholeheartedly for 14 years and I single handedly support sending my daughter to 5th grade in a local school. My brothers and my husband sometimes do not agree to the idea of women going outside to work but my father always stands by my side and that is why he is my best companion in life. I wish to gift my daughter infinite possibilities of future paths. Through Aangan, I wish to create a gift cycle that keeps on giving.