Rabia Sana Ullah

Quietly keep pushing against the walls that try to confine you

I am Rabia Sana Ullah and I live in the suburbs of Lahore in Pakistan Mint Colony. I love to learn new things. The curiosity to know has been with me since I started crawling. I grew up in a community where the girls in my neighborhood were restricted from getting a formal education.

I feel so grateful to be able to complete my education upto FA. My father was always there for me and the whole family and never let us feel any difficulty. My mother is also very supportive of my endeavors of continuous growth and acquiring new skills. Alongside stitching & designing, I relish creating various designs in henna.

Even after getting married, I have been blessed with a very supportive family including my husband and my mother-in-law. Interesting the way society works because initially there were reservations of my working after marriage. I think it’s like this because in our neighborhood equal responsibility of household income is a deviation from the standard. One has to really make a case for themselves and how their working can strengthen their household economically. I enjoy the small moments of life and enjoy whatever life throws at me. Seeing my daughter Merab grow up and learning household tips and tricks from my mother-in-law gives me immense pleasure and fills my heart with warmth. I am grateful to be living within such a supportive family system. I am very excited to broaden the horizons and become a savvy digital micro-entrepreneur.