Nusrat Bibi

Nusrat Bibi is the representation of rising strong. Life in Kasur has not be short of pitfalls whether that was her mother’s second marriage; secretly studying – obtaining an intermediate education; and being married off to relatives house with little thought or stability. In each situation Nusrat Bibi bravely steps up and works within the condition — understanding and expanding factors towards positive socio-economic circumstances. She describes how initially her husband used to find solace in drugs and leave her be with little resources — kitchen and humble blanket for rest. By doing hand embroidery work, day in and day out in workspace as big as her, she slowly transformed the situation with her unrelenting care and dedication. Her husband has give-up on doing drugs. Together they parent a son and a daughter. At one time, Nusrat Bibi fell gravely ill where her Chachu stepped in and supported her. Upon recovery, Nusrat Bibi in humor asked Chachu “why don’t I start studying?” This ask led to Nusrat Bibi acquiring multiple skills — beautician course, fabric printing, dress making, basic computer skills, IT, ICOM course on business and commerce. After attaining so much knowledge, Nusrat Bibi wishes to shares these skills with her community and is now a Trainer at Kaarvan Crafts Foundation. Nusrat Bibi practices self-compassion, extending and being inspired by warm understanding of our human imperfections and work compassionately towards a brighter future nurtured of high quality education for her children and community.