Nimra Ilyas

Nimra Ilyas the youngest of three siblings, lives in Waniawala, Gujranwala. With the support of her father she is first female member of her family to step outside of home and pursue her passion for fashion design. After finishing her FA education and on the look out for developing fashion design skills is where Nimra’s path crossed with Kaarvan Crafts Foundation. With humility and dedicated passion Nimra soon became a Trainer from Trainee at Kaarvan. Nimra wishes that every female taps into her inner power of courage and preservance because community is always wary of women and education. Nimra shares how initially she also faced a lot of pushback from relatives and neighbors but she stood firm to jeering statements of “never good enough” and “who do you think you are?” Nimra didn’t exchange her dream and worthiness for society’s approval. Knowing that she could give and receive care through capacity building of skills. Through courage and understanding Nimra has slowly transformed the mindset of her neighborhood by being the change she wished to see. Showcasing that given the opporunity women can work side by side with men in a dignfied manner.