Nazia Hassan

Nazia Hassan lives in the village of Fatehpur, Kasur. Nazia Baji engages life with love — whether that is teaching for 6 years before marriage, stitching with passion or hanging out with friends. Stitching has been childhood companion as Nazia Baji visited shopping malls for inspirations and took mental snapshots of patterns, colors and cuts. Upon returning home she would start stitching away the ideas ablaze in her mind. Quickly bringing the inspired thoughts to tangible reality. She also loves spending time with friends and recalls their trip to Joyland, Lahore. She describes the thrill of sitting on ferris wheel, of seeing her friends’ facial features contorted in anxiety and feeling excited simultaneously. Eating ice cream, smearing it on each other’s faces. Nazia Baji says anything is possible if you do it genuinely with love. Now, part of Kaarvan she sees her youthful dream of opening a boutique becoming a reality. Nazia Baji envisions her boutique being known for latest high fashion fused with hand embroidery, offered at competitive reasonable pricing to that of shopping malls.