Nazia Fareed

I am Nazia Fareed and I live near CIA Stop road in Lodhran. Since childhood, I have been drawn to the world of colors and patterns. My teenage years were quite turbulent as I completed my FA and had to fill the void of my mother’s death. It was during this time that I stepped into the realm of clothing, stitching and designing by taking short courses in Multan, Lahore and Islamabad. My passion also led me to Dubai where I further diversified my skill set by taking courses of beautician, so I have a spectrum of possibilities at my disposal. I have also taught in an English medium school for seven years. With a strong bond of love and kinship with my husband, together we take care of the children and handle the household chores. To Aangan, I bring my diversity, a creative community of 50 female artisans and my unwavering dedication to expand her business to the next level — digital domain!