Nawazish Ali


Nawazish bridges the gap between urban markets of Lahore and the rural female artisans of Punjab. He is mediator of market linkages — finding and connecting Kaarvan’s female trainees to economic opportunities. Nawazish thinks, acts, and responds operationally to on the ground challenges and opportunities that exist in Punjab. His curiosity about leader’s latest innovation in the social sector has led him to partner with various stakeholders. Forming strategic partnerships that lead to the provision and access to resources, spaces and services. He tirelessly plans, organizes, staffs, leads and manages program activities with a smile.

Nawazish has vast experience in the corporate and non-corporate sector of textile and marketing that has materialized a value chain approach in development sector. He holds MBA in Marketing (1999-01) from the College of Business Administration.

His care and passion is present everywhere — in every interaction, every relation, every event and every project. Nawazish’s mindfulness and oversight does not mi ss a single detail — ever ready to embrace challenges with care.