Nargis Bano

I am Nargis Bano and I live in the village of Mailsi, District Vehari. I got married as soon as I completed my matriculation. I feel very lucky to have an entrepreneurial husband who is more like a friend to me as we both believe in cultivating a culture of peace, not only in our personal livelihood but also share the gratitude and joy with fellow neighbors. And that is exactly what I do, sharing the gifts and talents of stitching and designing with fellow female neighbors from low-income backgrounds. It is a very humbling experience to give back to the society and focus on developing capacity for individual growth. That is the whole essence of being human — build a connection — give and receive without judgment. To Aangan, I am bringing not only myself but also a whole community of creative female artisans to share a very Vehari expressionistic work with the world.