Misbah Nadeen

I am Misbah Nadeen and I am a resident of Mailsi, District Vehari. People tell me that I have an aura of humble enlightenment about me, I think it might have come from my years of calm perseverance as I pursued and completed my Masters in English along with B.Ed, computer diplomas and vocational training in arts and crafts. I have taught in a school for five years in Multan. Even after I got married, I kept on working and sharing my work with others and along with my husband’s support I started to take part in exhibitions – travelling from city to city, sharing the authentic work of Vehari with onlookers. Through Aangan, I would like to pay homage to my mother who single handedly raised me and instilled in me, the virtues of tenacity, resilience and calmness. It is with these tools that I try to carve a beautiful path for my children.