Misbah Ishaq

Misbah Ishaq lives in the village of Bujke, Kasur. While growing up there were no schools in her community so Misbah’s wish for learning was unfulfilled until she joined Kaarvan’s Kasur Training Institute. Love of learning is reflected in every fiber of Misbah — excited voice, shiny eyes to the curving of mouth into a smile. Misbah’s heart is full of gratitude and that is reflected in her actions, as she doesn’t waste a minute. Making time for children, family, and the Training Institute. Talk of education makes her remember the days she used to wait for her brother to return from boarding school. Brother come friend, Misbah says that they did everything together from playing bat & ball, cricket, roaming the village. Misbah says that either it was Bhai or Abu (father) with whom she shared everything with. Father was more like a best friend, on wedding day he asked me “do you want to marry this man?” relates Misbah. Happiness is spending quality time with family where everyone is gathered together to sit, relax and enjoy. Married at the age of seventeen, Misbah is humbled to have a companion with whom she can have open communication and dialogue with. The couple shares each and every mundane expenditure or activity with one another. Misbah hopes to become a Trainer at Kaarvan and giveback to the community as much as she has received from life.