Mashal Khan


Mashal uses art and design thinking to inspire people to envision new modes of living. She problematizes social issues into open-ended questions that create opportunities for co-operating learning and crafting an alternative positive future of cooperation. Her superpower is making challenging content beautiful, compelling, and accessible.

Prior to joining Kaarvan, Mashal has vast international work experience in design and social sector having worked with companies in New York, Washington DC, Tennessee, Dubai such as Breaking Ground, Picture the Homeless, Insomniac Design, Discovery Creative (Discovery Channel), Graphic-FX, and Paris Tokyo Design. Mashal holds a BFA in Visual Communication, Graphic Design from American University in Dubai and a MFA in Transdisciplinary Design from Parsons The New School, New York.

Mashal sees the world through a sense of wonder, humility and respect — ever ready to confront complex social issues by designing new ideas, tools, methods and action agendas.