Kanwal Mubashra

Kanwal Mubashra lives in the main city, Kasur. Before joining Kaarvan she had ample work experience both as coordinator and teacher. She has taught in various areas such as Chakwal, Kallar Kahar Mianwali, Sargodha and Sialkot. Meeting different people and sharing her knowledge gives her joy. Especially when the student surpasses the teacher. Kanwal Baji says that Mianwali has such untapped potential as Mianwali women had limited mobility outside of their homes. Teaching there, Kanwal Baji could feel the female students passion and dedication as she taught them one step and they would take that step 10 paces ahead. Kanwal Baji taught them stitching, cutting, jewelry design using ribbons and gota work. Even making clutch purses. Another site of zealous memory was in Sargodha, during heavy rainfall Kanwal Baji was on her way to the classroom when she was flagged down by two girls. Upon closer inspection, she saw that they were her students. Kanwal Baji says her heart was overwhelmed by their dedication relating how the two girls were concerned of missing class had they not run into her because their father was all set to take them back home. After such years of travel and teaching, Kanwal Baji wishes to stay in one place and work at an institution.