Kalsoom Bibi

Kalsoom Bibi lives in Basti Abdullah Jahaniya, Bahawalpur. She is a single mother to two sons. Fate is unpredictable says Kalsoom Bibi. Her husband passed away when her elder son was only 6 years old and younger one was just an infant. She always wished for a daughter as little companion, therefore, adopted her sister’s daughter — with whom she is sharing her secret skills and tricks of the trade. “I have been doing this embroidery work forever, I can’t remember from when exactly because this is what I have been doing since my childhood,” says Kalsoom Bibi. She is a resilient spirit who never looks back on petty details and steadily moves forward. Even after a head injury that affected her eyesight, Kalsoom Bibi simply took to wearing glasses and continued working. Her love for her children propels Kalsoom Bibi to stretch herself and accomplish incomprehensible things.