Haseena Naz

Haseena Naz belongs to Basti Muhammad Pura near Bahawalpur. Haseena baji has personal knowledge mastery, of both stitching and farming. Haseena baji shares how she learned agriculture from her father and has now started her own humble home-based livestock enterprise. Haseena baji goes where the action is, and also inspires fellow community members to take action for themselves. She says she doesn’t pay much attention to gossipmongers and critics. She works from a place of worthiness and her efforts have always born fruit. Haseena baji believes that a person must always try to be optimistic and try to see the good in things and thank Allah, no matter what. Cultivating such a resilient spirit, Haseena baji is sensitive to contextual shifts, seeks opportunities while facing complex problems. A multi-practitioner, she hopes to sow a bright future for her children and community.