Fakhra Khalil

Fakhra Khalil resides in the village of Bujke, Kasur. Growing up she wished to study and become a doctor. But she received only silent negligence from her siblings when their mother passed away. Realizing that things were going to remain the still and unmoving, unless she took reality in her own hands. Fakhra Baji enrolled herself in public school where she learnt quite a bit and received ample support from the school. She says it wasn’t until she became part of Kaarvan that she felt like she had returned home — a safe and supportive space where she learnt how to create a business and innovate. Living with her elder entrepreneurial sister who creates home-based chutneys from various fresh herbs. Fakhra Baji shares how she wishes to continue to be part of Kaarvan and become Micro-entrepreneur that brings business to her community members.