Anees Fatima

I Have Given My Family What We Thought We Had Lost Forever: Hope.

The eldest in a family of five sisters and a brother, I took over the responsibility of supporting my family at a very young age. A 19-year-old now, my name is Anees Fatima.

A few years back, my family and I were left shattered when my father passed away unexpectedly. Grief had taken over. We were heartbroken, and with no financial support. My mother struggled, and was unable to give us the economic security my younger siblings required. Our circumstances forced us to move in with our maternal aunts where a new set of challenges engulfed us. I had not received formal education neither did I ever get a chance to acquire skills that I could use to support my family. As days passed by, it became evident that my aunt could no longer bear the expenses of our family. As our circumstances became worse, my determination to change our fate kept rising.

Looking for work, I came across Kaarvan Crafts Foundation and enrolled in a course for stitching and fashion designing. Here, my will to strive and my determination took precedence over the lack of education or skills that I possessed. The vocational trainings taught me skills and imparted an entrepreneurial skill in me. I started stitching clothes that helped me earn a respectable amount. This platform allowed me to break free and learn. It allowed me to enter the world with skills, passion, and success.

To this day I am able to help my aunt support my brothers and sisters. I am not self-sufficient yet but that does not matter. I have given my family what we thought we had lost forever: hope.