Amtul Hafeez

Jo Karna Hai Wo Karna Hai!

One day change came knocking on my doorstep as I stood in the lawn chatting about hand embellishment techniques with my neighbor. By chance this neighbor turned out to be Kaarvan’s community mobilizer who urged me to join in on their projects after learning about my passion and willingness to utilize skills to earn a livelihood.

I come from a working family. My husband is a carpenter and two out of three of my sons juggle various daily wage jobs. Therefore, I was quite surprised when my mother-in-law and fellow community members were against the idea of me stepping out of the house to obtain life skills training. They repeatedly said that my absence would have negative affects for the children. Of course, I was conflicted. But I just knew this opportunity would be fruitful for my family and that I would work out some work/ life balance. One way or another — somehow I was able to convince my family and enrolled for the skills enhancement courses. Here, I improved upon my existing hand embellishment skills and also learnt business skills. Business skills such as how to manage and maintain a supply chain, how to conduct client servicing and how to ensure that the business model I create is sustainable among other things.

Today, I have a better sense of myself. I feel confident and am acknowledged by fellow community residents. It is quite humbling to share my knowledge and give back to the community in whatever little ways or gestures I can. I also have the good fortune to be working with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry in Pakistan as an embellisher. Through the business skills training I can now better manage the earned income to help build/ maintain our house and restart the children’s education by placing them back into schools. I shall continue to work hard for myself and for my family. Together we can help fulfill each other’s dreams.