Abida Imran

Pehlay Mujhe Apnay Achay Mustaqbil K Koe Umeed Nae Thi…
Abh Mujhe Apnay Hunar Main Hei Apna Mustaqbil Nazar Ata Hai…

 I got married at a young age. Crossing one door to another my childhood soul quickly matured as I acquired new responsibilities and life companion. Children followed soon after. Life came to a standstill. Day in day out the same routine, same tensions… How will we sustain ourselves? Our home?

One day I heard of a training center located here in Bahawalpur that seemed to be giving free lessons on stitching and fashion design. That’s how I met Kaarvan and signed up for the Skills for Employability course.

Throughout the training there was a nagging feeling that I was ignoring my children. So I did what I could of my newly acquired skill — I stitched clothes for my children showering them with handmade gifts and love. Slowly my family and community came to appreciate my training. I soon began designing clothes both for my family and neighbors.

At the moment, I am in conversations with some investors about opening my own business. The local tailors here are quite supportive and excited about working with me. My children are my life. I shall keep working hard to provide them the best education I can and dream of their bright futures — where they can do and be whatever their tiny hearts desire.