Breaking Stereotypes

October 21, 2022
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October 21, 2022 Ariba Anwaar, LSU Volunteer

We often fail to look beyond the physical traits; whilst traits like bravery, wisdom, and honesty are what truly make a person beautiful.  For instance, there is a unique kind of beauty in the way Sehar skillfully breaks stereotypes and sets an example of courage for all women, especially for the women of Kaarvan Crafts Foundation, where she encourages women to uncover their abilities; by confronting their insecurities.

And there is something so powerful about Sehar, which sets her apart and inspires other to be themselves; for each have their unique story that needs to be written, told, and heard. But often stories of many remain unheard, because at times many voices are concealed within stereotypes. This is where, society need individuals like Sehar.

Sehar helps women of her community, to see themselves beyond the boundaries of insecurities, physical appearances, and stereotypes. Thus she not only breaks the stereotypes, but also liberates many from the walls of their insecurities.

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Ariba Anwaar, LSU Volunteer