Seeing the Covid19 Dairies of Rural Artisans – is Spiraling Out of Self into Social Fabric of Collective

July 23, 2020
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July 23, 2020 Zayna Ahsan

This pandemic has brought around difficult circumstances for everyone but, some have it much worse than others. The rural artisans have had to adapt to a whole new life because of Covid-19. I think it’s so much harder for them because their livelihood is affected. They have families depending on them, especially now, when other family members have been put out of work. Since they have to work, they must take extra precautions to maintain a distance at all times from their loved ones. Since Eid-ul-Fitr was spent in this time of financial hardships one cannot imagine the sacrifices they had to make to buy a new suit. Their young children aren’t going to school as schools all over the country are closed so a lot of schools are continuing online instead. This means they need a good, reliable Wi-Fi connection and another device with which they can attend the online classes. This is something I’ve always had available at home and now I realize, I’ve been taking for granted. Its other small things like this they need during the pandemic which they have to work either at home or outside for. They have to put their health at risk to provide for their family. Nevertheless, they aren’t complaining and are taking the proper measures to keep them and others safe. Another thing I noticed was that, they still remain generous and share whatever they can during these trying times. They support their community and help each other out. They are also using what they have at their disposal to stitch masks, gloves and protective suits to help the doctors and local hospitals. They share whatever they have and are very empathetic. Their sense of unity has been increased by these circumstances. They are strong, kind and hard-working people.

I’ve realized how lucky and privileged I am and now I want to help. My quarantine hasn’t been hard at all. We’ve never felt worried about having three meals a day and take these small daily things for granted. I just expect it but, to see that there are people who don’t have access to these things has made me become more thankful and also a lot more eager to help. This is why it is so important for us to recognize our privilege and really learn from these strong women and help them. Donate, educate, spread awareness and just do whatever we can to help. I’m sure they have dreams for themselves and for their children’s’ futures just like we have ours. They’re already working very hard for this but Covid-19 has brought a lot of economic and social difficulties for them. So, what we can do is work together to help them achieve their goals, support their families and celebrate the results of all their hard work, especially now when they need it most. We can all share our privilege and wealth during quarantine and the pandemic.

Zayna Ahsan, Volunteer from Eye on Ivy