Together yet Apart

June 10, 2020
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June 10, 2020 Jibraeel Danish

Never had we imagined ourselves in such a situation 5 months back. A time where all our scientific and technological pride seems futile. Our existential beliefs being brought into question. Social norms considered part of daily interactions (such as the handshake and hug) considered a sign of respect – now can put one’s life in danger. What would’ve been considered paranoia (even disrespect) is considered the safest way to interact. In times where solidarity is required, we’re creating divisions among ourselves. Promoting hatred and negativity which will only make it worse. This time requires us to put aside the divisions we’ve created for ourselves however we still see attacks on Hazara Community, Kashmir, Palestine and Syria still burning, racial discrimination showing its ugly face in the “developed side” of the world, brutal forms of animal torture, child abuse and what not. With all the negativity of these times it’s always refreshing to look at the positive.

Having introduced to us the concept of social distancing this Pandemic seems to also have brought us all “together yet apart.” In the midst of all their political, social and economic issues – surrounded by a lot of conspiracy theories, every country has decided to work together on finding a cure for this virus. On an individual level a sense of doing something more for the less privileged has been on a rise among those who have more. While collecting funds for Kaarvan, I felt a great deal of empathy of people towards this cause, one that I’ve never experienced. It was extremely encouraging because it seems these difficult times have also brought out the better in us.

Jibraeel Danish, Volunteer from Aitchison College