Overcoming Differences and Working Together

May 21, 2020
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May 21, 2020 Mahad Kakar

This pandemic is one that our country Pakistan or the world has never come across and has surely left us overwhelmed in a state of dismay. We have been sitting, slowly losing control over our health, our minds thinking what has happened? What kind of test is this? What is the cause and remedy of this great suffering? But nobody seems to know the answer. We are all in a state of consternation. However, a positive impact of the Covid-19 crisis is that it has removed all differences between sects ensuring that the human population believes in equality and understands that no one is superior to one another and that we all have to merge together as one big driving force to get rid of this deadly pandemic. We all have to gel together as the human race helping each other. Empathy has become the new way of being.

The importance and need of the hour is working together so that traits like self-pride, power, selfishness are eradicated and goodness prevails. While trying to collect funds for the deserving craft communities for Kaarvan I came across an unusual sense of commitment from all those I approached. This positivity from youngsters, senior citizens, teenagers made my morale and sense of commitment stronger and I became more adamant that I had to help and give back to the community. Those who had suffered the most; the daily wages labour, the crafts women had to be helped in these days of anxiety and stress. The more I ventured the more I became excited and I am glad I could help in whatever small capacity I could. I hope to continue supporting and helping Kaarvan for the great service it does for these deserving communities.

– Mahad Kakar, Volunteer from Aitchison College