This Too Shall Pass

May 11, 2020
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May 11, 2020 Shahroze Ali Khan

I am writing to you again. I want you to know that over the past few weeks, I’ve been horrified by all the panic and chaos situation, I watched on the news. TV anchors shouting and nation states blaming, all playing their political games. Power is responsibility but in the wrong hands it becomes a liability. We, as a society have been working towards the freedom of speech. Now this freedom of speech is wrongly being abused by some media outlets it’s both funny and ironic. We see what they want us to see. We hear what they want us to hear. Confined in our homes, we use newspapers and TV channels as mediums to gather news about what is going on outside and sometimes it’s extremely exaggerated.

I learned a while ago not to pay too much attention to every flashing headline and breaking news. The work that has been done by some private organizations is admirable, yet we will never see it on television or in papers. And even if we do, it will be a small paragraph buried deep into the newspaper.

The unrest that all of this has caused and the constant anxiety about what is going to happen next has given rise to a lot of mental health problems as well. First things first; know that time, whether good or bad, is eventually going to pass. That is the good and bad thing about time – it passes. Fears when taken to extremes – become phobias. And phobias have a very noticeable effect on our behaviours. Let’s not lose hope and let’s not go into this abyss, instead let’s take this time to strengthen our faith in Allah and know that this world is but a test and is not meant to be all comfort all the time.

God be with us all.